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How A Fairness Opinion Firm Can Assist With Your Upcoming Big Decision

Is your company looking to make a major financial decision with serious long-term implications for the future of the business? Maybe you are looking to buy out a smaller firm in an acquisition or you will be merging your company with a former competitor. Are you a publicly traded company that has executives that are looking to make major changes or decisions when it comes to stock options? All of these scenarios are situations where you and your company could likely benefit from the advice of a fairness opinion firm. Here's what this type of firm is and why it's a good idea to touch base before moving forward with a company-changing decision.

You Have Business Experience but Not a Lot of Experience with Mergers, Acquisitions, and Other High-Level Moves

You might have years of experience in your business, but it's not every day you acquire another firm or make a major decision regarding the employee stock package. A fairness opinion firm is typically filled with people who do have many years of experience with helping firms like yours navigate these kinds of situations. Bringing in a firm like this will help ensure that you don't overlook anything because you simply did not know where you should be looking. The right fairness expert can help you get your major upcoming decision across the finish line with flying colors because they've helped countless others do the same thing.

A Fairness Opinion Firm Can Help Shape Shareholder or Public Opinion by Helping You with Your Messaging

Beyond just looking for potential issues that will need to be addressed, your fairness opinion firm may also be able to assist with your company's messaging about the move. You may have a PR team that knows how to launch a new product or respond to a small crisis, but something like a merger is a whole different ballgame. You will need to choose your words carefully if you want to get your shareholders on board and make your customers feel good about the company after the change. In some cases, you might also have to provide your own message to push back against government scrutiny regarding the deal.

Your Fairness Opinion Firm Will Focus on the Details Now So You Don't End up with a Mess Later On

If two companies are merging, who is the new CEO? You might know the answer to that already, but what happens to employees who hold similar titles between the two firms further down the organizational chart? If you are changing stock options to be more rewarding for new hires, what will you do to take care of current employees? An outside firm can think of these kinds of situations that might not come up in the public press release but will be noticed internally by your employees sooner rather than later.

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