What's Going On? How to Cope With a Loved One in Jail

It can be scary or nerve-wracking if you realize that your loved one is depending upon you to get them out of jail. To help ease your uncertainty, the below is a summary of what is going on with your loved one and what you can do to help. Arrested and Booked An arrest involves being handcuffed and read Miranda rights. Defendants are usually then taken to the jail used by the arresting authority.

What A Bondsman Can Do For You In The Event You Go To Jail

When you go to jail and have to stay overnight, you will have to agree to a bail bond before you are released. A bail bond is a certain amount of money — this amount varies depending on the nature of the assumed crime or the individual involved — that must be paid before you can be let out. In other words, you will be stuck in jail until your court date unless you pay your bail money.